The Bathmate is an easy to use penis enlargement water pump.
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The Bathmate is the world's best selling penis enlargement device, with over 200,000 satisfied customers worldwide. The Bathmate has a proven success rate of 95%, and has been featured on TV, recommended by Doctors and is used by leading adult film stars looking for an edge

With only 15-20 minutes of use, you will start to see real results with the Bathmate. Fill the Bathmate with warm water, and enjoy a comfortable pump that actually feels good. Experience permanent male enhancement results in as few as two weeks of use.

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Check out the Bathmate Video for a quick overview of how the Bathmate works.

Your penis is divided into three chambers - two large ones on top, that's your erectile tissue (Corpora Cavernosa), and one smaller chamber on the bottom which you urinate and ejaculate from (Corpus Spongiosum).When you get an erection, your brain releases a hormone, which sends blood to your penis, filling your erectile tissue. The blood spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa fill to the maximum, causing an erection. Now the maximum your Corpora Cavernosa can fill is the amount your blood vessels can hold. The great news is your Corpora Cavernosa can be developed larger and stronger with the Bathmate.

The more you use the Bathmate the bigger the vessels become, allowing more blood to flow and fill the tissue. It's like body building for your penis.

The pump base is designed to allow a minimal compression force, while achieving maximum expansion, encouraging maximum growth and minimum discomfort. The more water is forced from the Bathmate, the more the penis is encouraged to expand and the higher the hydro force vacuum that's created. There's always a balance between water pressure, and your penis can not be forced into the unsafe pressure zones that cause damage with other devices.

Conventional air vacuum developers allow the air within to act like a sponge - they compress and expand without enlarging the penis in proportion; this results in the enlargement of certain areas and not others i.e. foreskin and not length or thickness. The Bathmate is filled with water, positioned and sealed at the base. Water is expelled by compressing the Bathmate pump system; this produces the volume and area inside the Bathmate. Balance is achieved for growth.

When compression of the pump stops, the non-return valve closes, thus stopping the water's return into the Bathmate, Due to the unique pump design, the gaiter expands and tries to return to its original volume, because the water inside the Bathmate acts like a fluid solid, which means it cannot be compressed or expanded, only the penis area can expand to replace the volume of water removed.

You will notice a difference in the thickness of your penis the first time you use the Bathmate. Permanent long term results can be achieved after using the Bathmate for at least 15 minutes per day, 3 days per week for 2-3 months.

Yes! We offer an unconditional money back guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase of the Bathmate If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, simply return the product to us within 30 days of your order date for a full refund.

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The Bathmate comes sealed inside a heavy duty cardboard box. There is no marking on any of the packages indicating what is inside, or what the device is used for. For international orders, we list the contents of the package as a "exercise device".

The Bathmate is shipped via USPS Priority or UPS Ground depending on your location. You can expect to receive your shipment within 3-5 business days from the day that you place the order for US based delivery, 7-10 business days for international.

5 out of 5The Bathmate is easy to use and gives me a big increase in girth. Feels good too. Overall a very solid water based penis pump.

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4.5 out of 5The Bathmate is a must have for anyone serious about penis enlargement exercises for natural male enhancement.

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